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August is usually a challenging month for Ocean Spray Cranberries, Inc. Home repairs -- leaky water heaters, toilet replacements etc etc.

This would be much more cost effective than starting a new shift where employees get paid a full shift even if they are not needed.

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Case Study – National Cranberry Cooperative

The capacity and the utilization of each process in the flow map is calculated and shown below. The should have been immortalized in the Grape Variety Hall of Fame. Essentially making a 48 hour work week with a combined 8 hours of overtime pay per worker.

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National Cranberry Cooperative Inventory Build Up Diagram Free Essays

Doing this would allow for nearly no truck waiting times. Very lazy and unmotivated to do anything. The first issue in the business is that the supply trucks and drivers delivering the harvest were not properly organized and there was not enough space and organization to allow for smooth offloading of several trucks a day.

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View Essay - Case 1 Write-up(2) from BUSINESS at California State University, Chico. CASE REPORT National Cranberry Cooperative: Process Analysis and Recommendations TO: President and Board of.

NATIONAL CRANBERRY COOPERATIVE National Cranberry Cooperative Question 1 The receiving plant No. 1 is facing 3 problems: 1) Too much waiting time for trucks before they can unload their berries; 2) The overtime costs are too high; 3) The grading process of the berries is inadequate.

National Cranberry Cooperative

Question 2 Question 3 Process Flow Diagram for wet [ ]. This is a challenging case, please allocate sufficient amount of time - Written Assignment: National Cranberry Cooperative introduction.

In doing the analysis, you may make the following assumptions: a) An average busy day has a continuous arrival rate of berries of 1,bbs/hr. b) There are 20 busy days in the average growing. Free Essays on Memorandum National Cranberry Cooperative for students. Use our papers to help you with yours 1 - Archives and past articles from the Philadelphia Inquirer, Philadelphia Daily News, and More Essay Examples on.

Since National Cranberry is a cooperative of farmers and growers, any surplus profitability or loss should get funneled back to the farmers who are members of the cooperative.

National cranberry cooperative 3 essay
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