Plastic menace essay

Effect on Sea Birds: These bags are very thin and in a strong wind can fly away from garbage bins and land on drains and rain-water channels. Aquatic animals would have their lives preserved. One dead turtle found off Hawaii in the Pacific was found to have more than pieces of plastic in its stomach including part of a comb, a toy truck wheel and nylon rope.

South African seabirds are among the worst affected in the world. This plastic can affect marine wildlife in two important ways; by entangling creatures, and by being swallowed.

How do we see convenience at the expense of environmental protection. Without viable alternate sources of energy yet on the horizon, if the supply of petroleum were to be turned off, it would lead to practically the whole world grinding to a halt. This can result in the gut gathering along the length of the line.

The fact is most shopkeepers use thin plastic bags.

Garbage Menace in Our Locality Essay

It is Poisonous Man artificially makes plastic by using a number of toxic chemicals. Hire Writer Dig the pit holes and dump the garbage in it.

What is Plastic Pollution?

Pick up any plastic litter you may see on the beach or in rock pools in the vicinity in which you are sitting or walking. Annually, this amounted to a four to six percent drop in seal population beginning in Just think about how many bags you typically carry out of a grocery store, and multiply that by the number of times you grocery shop.

This has had terrible consequences on many marine species, which can lead to consequences for those that eat fish and marine life for nutrients — including people. We need to ask ourselves some questions. These reasonably large items clog canals, block drains and presents an awful sight.

Of course thicker plastic bags are unsafe too, but at least they can be recycled.

The #Plastic Menance: Leading the Change

Check everything before you put it in the trash, as more and more items are able to be recycled these days. Such waste materials can be handed over to the local company that will correctly dispose off the material keeping the environment safe.

The cheapness means plastic gets discarded easily and its long life means it survives in the environment for long periods where it can do great harm.

Thus, it lies around in the landscape where another victim may ingest it. These curious, playful seals would often play with fragments of plastic netting or packing straps, catching their necks in the webbing. Bisphenol A an endocrine disruptor is a key monomer in production of polycarbonate plastic and epoxy resins.

Paper packets, which are the only alternative, are just not strong enough.


They consume growing amount of energy and other natural resources, degrading the environment in a number of ways.

Every day, more and more plastic is accumulating in our oceans. Milk cartons are lined with plastic, water bottles are handed out everywhere, and some products may even contain tiny plastic beads.

The mechanism by which ingestion leads to illness and death can often only be surmised because the animals at sea are unobserved or are found dead ashore.

The Plastic Menace

Every day, more and more plastic is accumulating in our oceans. Plastic Menace. recycling of plastics bringing any long-term benefits to the environment?Plastics are one of the most popular building materials of modern human culture, but its widespread has brought many problems and caused environmental issues of extraordinary scale.

Throughout the years, discarded plastics are accumulating as debris in landfills and in natural habitats worldwide. Published: Thu, 27 Apr Plastic bags are a true menace to our ecosystems and our waste diversion goals.

Barely recyclable, almost all of the plastic bags used per second in the state are discarded. Plastic bags are a true menace to our ecosystems and our This essay has been submitted Here are some facts about the environmental impact of plastic bags. Essays - largest database of quality sample essays and research papers on Plastic Menace.

Free Essays regarding Plastic Pollution Essay for download. 1 - The Plastic Menace [Illustrated by Navin Pangti] An immediate ban on thin plastic bags was declared. The ban came into effect on August 15, India’s Independence Day.

Plastic menace essay
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